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Heavy industries is an essential component in a country’s industry. Full-fledged heavy industries require a long period of time to develop. Therefore, the accumulation of experience is particularly important. CHH has been in this field for more than 30 years and has become one of the leading manufactures for steel making equipments and Scrap processing machines in Taiwan. We are confident that our profession is second to none in Taiwan.

100% Quality Guaranteed:
We work very hard to provide the best service and to improve the quality of our products. CHH became certified in ISO 9001:2000 in 2003, indicating that CHH views service quality and satisfaction as the fast priority. In addition to this, we also obtained the licenses of U1, U2 and PP level for manufacturing Pressure Tanks.

Turnkey Solution:
CHH also offers the Entire Turnkey Plant for our customers. Our costumers are nationwide, as you might have known. We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward to hearing from you before too long. 

Diversity of service:
CHH is equipped with various advanced automation facilities. Our costumers’ satisfaction is guaranteed in a hassle-free manner!